Reputable Casinos

How to Find Reputable Online Casinos

You want to have fun playing casino games online, but you want to play at sites that give you a fair chance of cashing out with a sizable payout. There are sites that play games with your money and give you tons of fun without a real chance of prospering, and then there are reputable online casinos that allow you to play the games in a fairer manner. Luckily, there are some proven ways to identify the scam sites from authentic casinos, and you never have to pay to find this information. Keep reading for a quick tutorial on finding the most reputable casinos online and also you can choose your netent casinos at ReviewOnlineCasinos.

Random Number Generation

It’s true that your chances of winning big through an online casino often come down to luck, but it takes more than luck to ensure an online gaming site gives every player equal opportunity to prosper. Reputable online casinos now use random number generators to ensure numbers on slot machine reels and virtual dice are presented in a random manner with every turn. These generators are potentially fairer than the dice and reels you spin in a live casino because they do away with fallacies that come with human operation.

Show Me the License

Licensing is often expensive and time consuming, so it is a quick way to identify a reputable online casino that takes their business seriously. While you may expect the United States, Canada and other leaders of the free world to be first to license online gaming sites, the most reputable licenses are currently offered by the following:

Antigua and Barbuda

Costa Rica




You may feel more comfortable using an online casino licensed in Canada, but many of the best gaming sites are now licensed outside of our country. Since licenses are often revoked when quality and ethics standards are not met, you can assume that online gaming sites holding licenses from any of these locations are safe bets.

Third-Party Screening to Verify Legitimacy

Third-party screening is often a requirement for online casinos to maintain their licenses. These screening and analysis companies will verify that the payouts are determined in an ethical manner, but they may also verify that players are able to withdraw their profits as expected.  Since these agencies are in no way connected to any casino company, they give a fair representation of the ethical business practices employed by online casinos.

Two of the most popular third-party auditing services are Technical Systems Testing (TST) and eCogra. You will see these two services advertised on the About Us pages on many reputable online casinos. If you come across other screening services, do some research to see exactly what they monitor. Some dishonorable casinos may try to use less reputable services which don’t actually verify the right information.

Talk to Other Players

Most reputable online casinos are discussed and reviewed by avid players online. You can do a simple search for the name of a casino to see threads in discussion forums and reviews on websites which give inside information. What other players have experienced is what you can expect to experience as well, so pay attention when you come across claims of illegal activity or dishonest procedures.

Educate Yourself

Before you sign up for any online casino and connect your credit card or bank account to the site, read all of the information available on the site. Reputable sites reveal detailed information about how their site operates. Read the fine print, the About Us pages, the FAQs and anything else available on the site. This will tell you important information, including limitations on withdrawal of your funds and restrictions on eligibility for bonuses and big jackpots.